Tutorial: Configuring emails and text notifications sent by planyo (4 / 5)

Tutorial Table of Contents

part 1: Default setup for new planyo sites
part 2: Reservations entered by the administrator
part 3: Customizing the default setup
part 4: Messages sent before or after arrival
part 5: Using text messages (SMS)
Part 4 of 5: Messages sent before or after arrival
On the Notifications page you can click Add message to be sent after or ahead of time to add a message which can be sent:

These messages can also have a condition associated with them and be sent only when a reservation has a specific status (e.g. it’s confirmed). You can use these messages as reminders or invitations to make the payment (e.g. the second part of the payment if you only asked for a partial payment when the reservation was made). You can also use them to have an email sent to the customer after the rental is finished to thank them for coming and offering them a discounted voucher code for the next visit.

Adding a message sent 3 days after reservation was made

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