Tutorial: Administration of a Planyo account by multiple users (4 / 4)

Tutorial Table of Contents

part 1: Different administrative roles in Planyo
part 2: Adding administrating users to a Planyo site
part 3: Limiting access of user groups or specific users
part 4: Meta sites
Part 4 of 4: Meta sites
Meta sites group multiple planyo site together allowing for common administration and integration on a website (common search / listings / shopping cart etc.). If the same planyo user is the metasite administrator and the administrator of the planyo site which should be added to a metasite, then no confirmation must be done, in META site settings you can select the participating planyo sites using the checkboxes. In case the site admin and the meta site admin are different users, the meta site admin can specify the ID of the site they wish to add to their meta site. This will send an email request to the administrator of this planyo site containing a link which, when clicked, adds the site to the meta site. From this moment on, the META site admin has full control over the participating site and becomes a second ‘main administrator’ of the site.
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