Tutorial: Administration of a Planyo account by multiple users (3 / 4)

Tutorial Table of Contents

part 1: Different administrative roles in Planyo
part 2: Adding administrating users to a Planyo site
part 3: Limiting access of user groups or specific users
part 4: Meta sites
Part 3 of 4: Limiting access of user groups or specific users
In Settings >> Administrative roles >> Restrict access of administrative roles you can tell Planyo which exact functions can be accessed either by the given administrative role generally (moderator / resource admin) or you can also set a particular user’s private permissions.

By default all functionalities are enabled, you must check a checkbox next to a functionality if you want to BLOCK user’s access to it. You’ll need to click on the Submit button to confirm your selection. At the very bottom of the window you can also choose a particular user. The permissions of a particular user (if set) will override the general settings for the entire user group.
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