FAQ Q128: What is Planyo FREE and is it really a free booking system?

With Planyo FREE you have access to the most flexible booking system on the market and you never need to pay for it! It's a great way to get started with Planyo in case you're not yet sure if paying for a booking system will be beneficial for your business. You can always upgrade to PRO or PRO-COMM at any time in the future.

With Planyo FREE it's your customers who make a small payment (EUR 1) every time they make a booking. With the online payment their reservation is confirmed. Without the payment the reservation is not entered into the system. There are two ways in which this payment to Planyo can be sent: One possibility is that the customer pays the full reservation price plus 1 EUR, in a single payment (this works only if you have a PayPal account). The second possibility is that the customer doesn't pay anything to you online but only makes the EUR 1 payment to Planyo for the reservation -- if you have customers who frequently book with you, they can alternatively purchase a coupon for 10 entries (EUR 6) or 100 entries (EUR 30) and save up to 70% of the booking cost.

The admins receive a free coupon for 50 reservations when a new FREE account is created. After that time, admin-entered bookings are also free as long as the customers make at least 50% of the reservations (each time a customer makes an online booking, the admin's coupon is credited with 1 reservation). If most reservations are entered by the admin, the admin may also need to recharge their coupon (see the prices above) or simply enter new reservations by blocking given dates/hours instead of entering full reservation information.

Almost all features of Planyo are available in the free version except for some advanced ones. The booking process is also fixed. In PRO/PRO-COMM sites, you can decide how the reservations are confirmed (e.g. automatically, with an online payment whose amount is set by you, manually by the administrator etc.). With FREE, the confirmation is immediate but requires a payment. The FREE accounts can have a single administrator only, are limited to 10 resources (or 20 if resource sharing is possible), and cannot be part of a META site.

Please check the features listing to see the exact limitations.