FAQ Q161: Is the data entered into Planyo by our users secure?

Protection of data and service up-time

Security is of critical importance to us. We understand that for all our users uptime and data security is of highest importance. This is why we chose the best and most secure cloud provider on the market Amazon AWS (Zurich Switzerland region) to ensure the highest security possible. The same provider is used by websites such as NASA, Netflix, Adobe, Expedia and many others. Your data is absolutely safe because it resides on multiple high-performance servers in different physical locations (data is replicated instantaneously) using the Aurora DB technology (with read-replicas). We also have at each moment multiple application servers (also in separate physical locations) running the Planyo application simultaneously (using Amazon's load balancer which also in turn has a failover mechanism). Because of our 100% redundant setup, any downtime is extremely unlikely (failure of any of the servers or even the entire datacenter will not harm the data or availability of the system) and we're also able to scale the service up very easily based on the usage. Using the balancer ensures the service is also highly responsive.

Data back-ups

We also make multiple offsite daily backups af all data on servers for an even higher safety level. If you additionally wish to have a backup on your end, you can use the backup function (in Site Setings) to export all important data from planyo in form of a zip archive of multiple CSV files. The backup will include information about your resources, email notifications, schedule (iCal), reservations, vacations, customers and schemes, all in the CSV format (note that the data from the backup can be only partially restored using csv import, some configuration elements saved in the backup would need to be restored manually). You could also use the google calendar export or the iCal export feature to have the data always available in your google calendar, Apple iCalendar or another scheduling app.

Privacy of your customers' data

Please note that both the simple and advanced integration will work with SSL (https protocol). In case of advanced integration this is used automatically, for simple integration use https://www.planyo.com instead of http://www.planyo.com when linking to planyo.

Of course we never give away your clients' data to 3rd parties and we never use this data to contact your clients for any reason - the only exception being automated emails sent by your planyo site -- these notifications are configured by you in your planyo site's settings. We also do not store (or allow our customers to store) any sensitive data on our servers which could be useful to potential hackers, such as credit card numbers or passwords.

We follow very strict data security policies. All online data (including backups) is stored within very safe Amazon's AWS infrastructure (single company but multiple datacenters located in Zurich, Switzerland). The data which is kept at our offices also follows strict internal rules, including obligatory encryption of the entire hard disk, to protect it also in event of physical theft.

Administration and access to the system

Access to all data on your account is possible only for the administrators for which you allow such access (you can specifically say which of your administrators have access to which resources and which functions of the system). All actions are logged so that you can see who/when/why did a particular action. Reservations cannot be deleted also for this reason (so accidental loss of data is not possible), they can only be cancelled but they then remain in the system for your records.

We also follow very strict procedures as to our employees access to the customers' data or the backups.

We also strongly recommend using 2-factor authentication when logging in to planyo in order to increase the security of your account.

Backed by over 15 years of experience

We're not a startup depending on new investments to keep going. Planyo is developed by Xtreeme Sagl, a Swiss-based company established in 1997. Ever since then we've been creating professional IT solutions used by organizations including NASA, US Military, European Commission, Microsoft and many of the Forturne 500 companies and we have always had a very good reputation regarding security and data handling.

Uptime monitor

Please see our current uptime statistics, reported by an independent monitoring service. You can click on the widget below to get more detailed info (last 7 days) or use this link to get a report for the last 30 days.