Integracja - Amazon Simple Email Service

This plugin will let you use your own FROM address in the emails sent to your customers. Actually, this is possible also without using this extension but in this case the emails containing your address in the FROM field will be sent from the planyo servers. This can result in the emails being rejected by some receiving mail servers although this is really rare. By using the extension and Amazon SES service, the probability of successful delivery of the messages will be increased. Additionally, this extension lets you configure DKIM signatures for your emails to further minimize the risk of your mails being flagged as spam.

Download version

Note: we no longer offer this extension as a download.

Subscription version

The subscription version is much easier to set up, there's no need to install anything on your server or create your own Amazon SES account (our account with Amazon will be used instead), you just sign up for the extension and it's ready to use!

Advantages of the subscription version:

The first month is free so you can test the extension very easily, also in case you prefer to get the download version later on. Very easy set up, only choice if you don't have your own server (or you have one without PHP support) or if you simply want to get started without hassle of going through the setup. If you need more flexibility in the future, you can cancel the subscription and purchase to the download version at any time in the future. With the subscription version you have a flat monthly rate and you don't need to make any payments to Amazon.

See Q188 in the FAQ for further explanations.

Kup jako subskrybcjęWarunki zakupu
CHF 3/miesiącKup miesięczną subskrybcję rozszerzenia. Rozszerzenie jest trzymane na naszych serwerach, więc instalacja nie będzie potrzebna. To jest najłatwiejsza metoda używania rozszerzenia.

Pierwszy miesiąc jest zawsze darmowy, żebyś mógł przetestować rozszerzenie. Po tym czasie Twoje konto Planyo zostanie automatycznie obciążone opłatą miesięczną, dopóki nie wyłączysz subskrybcji rozszerzenia. Bilans Twojego konta musi być dodatni żebyś mógł zacząć miesięczny okres próbny.

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