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carolanne kaye
Lokalizacja: 151 wedgewood drive, Stany Zjednoczone
Umiejętnośći: Web design, API, Integracja, Konfiguracja
Język: English
Strona internetowa: http://webplatypus.com/
Nazwa firmy: Web Platypus
Dane personalne
Part of Web Platypus website design team which has been in business for 13 years. Specializing in small to mid-size business to allow for growth but maintain the personal nature of doing business with clients. We have a great designer who is a W3C compliance nut, fluent in HTML5 and has a great eye for what works online and other developers who just love their jobs!
I personally have 20+ years in software development and management. I love the field and creating online sites that make clients glad they never went anywhere else!
Zamówienia eksperta
Our experience with Planyo involved integrating it into one of our existing sites (www.southernseasresort.com). They wanted it fully integrated with their site, e.g. no leaving and going to another page for booking or mention of the booking engine, and it had to support multiple languages. It\'s been up and running for almost two years and now accounts for 30% of their reservations. It\'s fully integrated with authorize.net and we test on multiple browsers and multiple versions of those browsers.