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get_resource_seasons (version 1)


Returns seasonal settings for a resource


resource_id int required
ID of the resource. Pass 0 to get site-wide seasons.
version float optional
you can optionally specify the version of the API that you're using. Use the value of latest or simply skip this parameter to use the latest API version. The latest version is: 1
language string optional
by specifying a 2-letter (ISO 639-1) language code (all capital letters e.g. EN, DE, FR, ES, IT) you can change the language of the text values returned
api_key string required
your API key - Click here to get your key. If your API key uses a hash key, you must also include the parameters hash_key and hash_timestamp.


seasons array
Array whose items are named arrays with following keys: start_day, start_month, end_day, end_month, year (determines the period, note that year will not always be set); min_rental_time, max_rental_time (minimum and maximum allowed duration expressed in hours); start_weekday_flags, end_weekday_flags (ORed flags specifying days when rentals can start and end: from 1 = 2^0 = Sunday to 64 = 2^6 = Saturday -- example: when equals 3 = 2+1 = Monday + Sunday), title, color

API playground:

Click here to test this function in the API playground.